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FBC Youth Ministry




Our Schedule

Wednesday Nights:

Are you looking to check things out? Wednesday night is a great time to come. We meet in the gym at 6:00 PM Wednesday night and hang out, play basketball, football, or toss the Frisbee. Around 6:30 we’ll officially get started with a crazy group game. After that, we transition to a teaching time. It’s always different, but always fun. Whether it’s small groups, big group teaching, or challenges together. We have a good time Wednesday Night hanging out and digging into the Word.


Sunday Mornings:

On Sunday mornings, we meet at 9:15 AM in the basement of the sanctuary building. Classes are broken up by age and gender. We spend an hour together dealing with issues that are related to what you are going through every day. Breakfast is served on the first Sunday of every month!


 Sunday Nights:

Sunday Nights are always fun. We meet in the basement of the Sanctuary building at 5:00 p.m. Some nights we dig into the Wednesday Night lesson a little more, some nights we go out to do ministry in the community, and some nights we just hang out, but it’s always a good time together.